Cracking Packing Tips To Get Your Holiday Off To A Good Start

Everybody loves going on holiday. For most of us, it is the highlight of our year and something which we count down the days to from the moment we get that booking confirmation email. But there's one part of going on holiday that many of us dread; packing.

The packing process can put you in a bad mood before you've even left your home, meaning that the holiday gets off to the worst of starts. So in order to make things run a lot smoother and avoid you having more stress to relieve whilst you are away; here are a few tips to send you on your way.

Contemplate The Weight


The weight of your luggage is obviously very important when you go away on holiday, especially when travelling by aeroplane. But many of us may be fighting a losing battle from the start. It's important to remember that the weight of the case when it is empty is a vital statistic when trying to ensure you don't incur extra charges for excessive luggage.

Shop around for a suitcase that is as light as possible so that you have a good starting point to work from. Many companies now take this into account and manufacture extremely light bags for this specific reason. This one here is a great example.

Roll With It


There are many schools of thought when it comes to how you should arrange your clothes in your bag, but if you want to ensure that they don't arrive at the other end with newly added holiday creases, rolling may well be your best option. By rolling your garments up into sausage shapes you will avoid them getting crumbled in the journey and you may even find that this enables you to get more in. You can also roll more than one item together to create as much free space as possible.

Another top tip which will help you preserve those formal outfits is to place tissue paper in-between them as you pack. You obviously won't want to roll up your best dress or suit, so instead you should use the folding method but add a sheet of the tissue paper in the middle of each fold.

Do Your Chores

Washing Machines

If you are going away for an extended period of time, you probably won't have room in your case for all the clothes you would like to take. Therefore, the best thing to do is to take advantage of the laundry service on offer when you arrive.

If you are embarking on one of our many cruises then there will usually be an option to have a member of the crew wash and dry your clothes for you; even picking them up from your cabin in most cases. However, in a lot of hotels, you may find that you have to do this yourself, but it will be worth it to avoid the extra airport charges.

Look After Your luggage

Luggage Tag

Once you have managed to squeeze everything that you think you will need into your bag and you're sure that you won't tip the scales at the airport, there are steps to take to ensure your luggage arrives as safely as you do. A good place to start is by putting a lock on it; remembering that this may be mandatory if you end up having to claim on your travel insurance. An important thing to point out here is that anyone travelling to the US needs to ensure that their locks are approved by the TSA so that they can be easily accessed if necessary.

You can also look after your bag by adding a tracking code to the luggage label so that if your worst nightmares are realised you can be reunited with your things in double quick time. Trace Me is one such service that has been approved by airlines and sends you a text and email to let you know your bag has been found and where it is currently located. One last thing you can do is attach something that makes your bag stand out from the crowd. This will reduce the time it takes to find it on the carousel and stop someone else mistaking it for theirs.

Whether you are off on an adventure like the expedition cruises we have here, or you are merely going away for a weekend city break similar to those on our Fred.\ Holidays site, things will be a lot simpler if you implement these packing tips. And if you are looking for an excuse to pack those bags and head off somewhere new, we can help you plan all kinds of trips and find you a great deal.

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