Fred's Friday Thought: 2015 Brochure Review (Video)

Chris: Aloha adventurers and welcome to another Friday Thought here on Fred Holidays TV. As you can see, there is someone else here with me today. This is Aisleen Marley, Brochure Queen here at Fred Holidays, and we’re going to talk a little bit about the brand new Fred Holidays brochure which is now available.

So, Aisleen, how has the brochure progressed/changed from last year?

Aisleen: Well, as German specialists, we still have a strong focus on Germany. But, this year, we have expanded our product offering to encompass more of Central Europe. The 2015 brochure brings together the ‘best of Europe’ to offer an incredibly varied selection of city breaks coupled with options for people to extend their holiday by river, rail or road. This brings together all the elements of the Fred.\ Holidays portfolio – including river and ocean cruising.

So what specifically is new in this year’s brochure?

Croatia, including a new Adriatic cruise tour on a sailing boat… F1 Grand Prix breaks… Ljubljana in Slovenia... This is all in addition to our usual holidays to great cities such Berlin or Munich, Nuremberg, Amsterdam or Budapest. There’s also no-fly rail holidays, relaxing lake and mountain breaks and those old favourites, beer festivals and Christmas markets!

This year, we have also created an A-Z on the back of the brochure for easy reference – simply find your chosen destination and flip to the relevant page for an introduction to the destination, top tips for things to do and places to see; as well as ‘Fred.\ Facts’ about the history, culture or location of the city. Many of the hotels featured in the brochure offer specials such as 4 nights for the price of 3 so watch out for these as you’re flicking through.

But customers can book longer holidays not just short city breaks, right?

Yes….. We can book anything from one night stays, through to one or two weeks or longer.

Can customers book multi-destination holidays to extend their trip?

Yes…. In fact, many of our customers do that. Europe has some fantastic road and rail networks so getting from place to place to continue your holiday is easier than ever before. Just last week we booked somebody on a three-centre break to Ljubljana, Lake Bled and Dubrovnik –a great itinerary.

All our holidays are tailor-made, so the choice of where to go is up to you. Many of the city breaks in the brochure can also be combined with a river cruise, starting or ending in that destination – for example, Amsterdam or Berlin are great starting points for a cruise along the Rhine or Elbe.

When you say tailor-made, what do you mean by that?

A tailor-made holiday is a bespoke trip designed for your individual requirements. We have plenty of examples of 2 or 3 night stays in the brochure, on our website and within the emails we send out, but these are just an idea of what you can do.

If you have your ideal holiday or city break in mind, or know of somewhere you’d definitely like to visit, just give us a call and we’ll put all of the elements together for you and create your perfect package. You may want to travel by rail or plane, you might want to stay in one place or visit multiple destinations, you might consider adding on an excursion or tour, or extend your holiday with a cruise – all of this is possible.

And it’s not just the holiday itself then that we can offer, is it? Customers can also enhance their trip in many ways.

Yes, we can book river and ocean cruise extensions, day trips and excursions, UK airport lounges and even transfers from your own front door to the airport.

OK. So what are your favourite trips in this year’s brochure?

My personal favourites are… the Croatian entries. I was lucky enough to visit Dubrovnik last year and was pleased that it really lived up to my expectations. The Old Town is fantastic and I’d definitely recommend that people do the walk around the city walls. The views of the coastline are spectacular and you also get a great insight into local life as you can see right into people’s back yards from the wall. I also love the Black Forest. It’s a great place to visit in the summer so I’m glad it’s in the brochure again this time.

Anything else?

Our F1 Short Breaks are a fantastic addition and are proving extremely popular; especially now the season has started. Having experienced a Grand Prix race day myself, I can vouch for how great the atmosphere is and all of these holidays include either one or three-day race tickets.

On page 38 we have a three-night city break to Munich followed by a 7-night luxury river cruise along the Danube with AmaWaterways. The itinerary takes in some of my favourite European cities like Vienna and Budapest and you’ll be hard pushed to find a better way to experience so much in a relatively short period of time. The Danube really is stunning as well.

You’ve mentioned river cruises there and we’ve talked a bit about ocean cruises too. So people can come to Fred.\ if they are looking for a range of different holidays?

Yes, at Fred.\ Holidays we have the short and long stays in central Europe, which we discussed, as well as worldwide river and ocean cruises from a multitude of operators. We also provide an in-depth view into the world of expeditions, taking people from pole to pole and to warmer climes, and we even offer stays at the Hotel Jardin Tecina, the Fred. Olsen Family owned hotel situated on the beautiful island of La Gomera. And remember, all of these will be designed on an individual bases to meet the exact requirements of the customer.

That’s great. And incidentally, we have made videos that focus on each of the different areas that Aisleen mentioned there. So if you are looking for more information on those areas, you can go to our blog at Fred.rTavel or simply search for Fred Holidays on YouTube.

And that’s all we have time for today, so all that remains to ask is how viewers can get hold of a copy of the brochure for themselves?

You can order a copy from our website at – just click on ‘request a brochure’ and fill in your details. Or, if you just can’t wait, you can view our digital version online.

Wonderful. Well, thanks for watching today everyone, thanks to Aisleen for joining us, and we’ll see you again next time for another Friday Thought from Fred.


Say goodbye, Aisleen.

Goodbye, Aisleen.

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