Fred's Friday Thought: Christmas Markets (Video)


Aloha adventurers and welcome to another ‘Friday Thought’ here on Fred.\ Holidays TV. Now, it may only be July, but today we’re talking about Christmas Markets. Booking early is the best way to get a great deal on your winter break this year and Fred.\ Holidays can take you all over Europe to some of the continent’s best events. Germany may be the most obvious place you think of, but there are also great trips to be had in cities like Prague, Amsterdam, Vienna and Budapest.

So let’s take a look at what you can look forward to when you take a festive foray into Europe this yuletide.

Local Treats

You may be forgiven for thinking that every Christmas market is the same. And, whilst they all feature quaint little stalls adorned with lights and decorations, it’s often their subtleties that make them so different. Larger cities will have more than one market, where each may focus on a different thing, whilst smaller towns usually just have one in the main square.

The markets are a great place to try the local specialities and maybe take some home too. From sweet treats such as Printen from the town of Aachen to bread like Christollen and everyone’s favourite way to warm up - mulled wine. Or as the Germans and Austrians call it, Glühwein.

Gifts Galore

If you are still looking for last minute Christmas presents then the stalls of the European Christmas markets are a great place to start. If the local specialities that we mentioned don’t take your fancy then there are sure to be plenty of other options. Craftsman will be selling their artisanal products, so there will be the chance to pick up something that you wouldn’t be able to find at home.

Lashing Of Christmas Spirit

Even if you return home with empty hands and a full stomach, a trip to a Christmas market will have you firmly in the festive spirit by the time you arrive back in the UK. The atmosphere is guaranteed to make your cheeks glow with yuletide cheer as everyone walks around with a smile on their face. The twinkling lights and oversized Christmas trees will definitely set the scene and, if you’re lucky, there may even be a drop of snow to top it all off.


Christmas markets seem to be getting bigger and better every year, as each city tries to outdo the next with a range of entertainment on offer. As well as the general merriment that will be going on, some places offer giant Ferris wheels, extensive firework displays, opportunities to meet Santa, and live music performances.

So, if you want to beat the crowds and book your trip to one of Europe’s Christmas markets early, you can visit the URL on the screen now or call one of our team on the number just there. Thanks for watching this week and we’ll see you again next time for another ‘Friday Thought’ from Fred.\.

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