Fred's Friday Thought: Cruising For The First Time (Video)

Aloha adventurers and welcome to another Friday Thought here on Fred.\ Holidays TV. Cruising is undoubtedly a growing industry. Indeed, experts at the recent ABTA Travel Conference even discussed how it is now being seen as a cool form of holiday. The fact that it is growing means that there are more and more people cruising for the first time, some of you watching may even be planning your first cruise, and this can be an intimidating proposition.

So we’ve put together some hints, tips and things to think about that will make sure everything is smooth sailing from here on in.

Cabin Conundrums

You may think choosing your cabin is just a case of finding an accommodation option to suit your budget, but there is a lot more to take into consideration. The position of a stateroom on a ship can have a big effect on how enjoyable your cruise is. For example, one that is close to the engines may be susceptible to noise and vibration, whilst one that is near the main entertainment venues may also result in disruption from sound or the high footfall of other passengers.

The position of a cabin is also something to consider if you think you may suffer from seasickness. You may not know if this is the case if you haven’t cruised before, but if you have had issues with travel sickness in the past, there’s a chance the motion of the ocean could catch you out. However, choosing a cabin in the middle of the ship will help to reduce any effects.

Lastly, when dealing with cabin conundrums, you may want to weigh up the price of an upgrade against the additional services and amenities you will receive. Sometimes, a slightly more expensive cabin can offer a wide range of extras like priority restaurant bookings, premium bathroom products and larger balconies.

Where To Go?

Some first-time cruisers like to dip their feet in the water before jumping in headfirst to something they are unfamiliar with. You may, therefore, want to book a short mini-cruise to see how you take to the cruising lifestyle, before booking a longer trip the next time. This is also a great idea if, as we talked about earlier, you suspect seasickness might be an issue. If you really think this might spoil your holiday, you may be better off opting for a river cruise, where the chances of this happening are very unlikely.

In terms of destinations, it’s really up to you where you go. A cruise from the UK, as opposed to a fly cruise, is a great choice for first-time cruisers as it takes a lot of the hassle out of the holiday. Many people also find the Mediterranean to be an excellent introductory destination.

Inclusive Issues

If you have never cruised before, it can be difficult to get your head around what exactly is included in the price you pay before you sail. And I’m afraid there’s no all-encompassing answer for that. Each operator is different and what’s included can even depend on which type of accommodation you choose and whether you book a special offer.

In general, your cruise fare will cover the cost of your accommodation, most of the entertainment on board, port taxes and some forms of dining. That is to say that there will be certain complimentary restaurants such as buffets and main dining areas, as well as speciality restaurants which usually incur a surcharge.

Things you will definitely have to pay extra for are shore excursions, purchases from the onboard shops and gratuities, unless it is stated that these are covered. The best thing to do is to ask exactly what is included at the time of booking and then you can make a true price comparison between different cruise options.

Trust The Experts

Whether you decide to book with Fred.\ Cruises or another cruise travel agent, it’s always a good idea to get the opinion of an expert if you have never sailed before. After all, they sell these kinds of holidays on a daily basis and will be able to put you at ease by answering all the questions you have. A little expertise during the booking process goes a long way.

So on that note, if you would like to book your first cruise with Fred.\ Cruises, you can call the number on the screen now. Alternatively, you can head to for more information about cruising for the first time.

That’s everything we have for you this week. So, thanks for watching and we’ll see you again next time for another Friday Thought from Fred.\. Goodbye.

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