Fred's Friday Thought: Horizon (Video)

Aloha adventurers and welcome to another Friday Thought here on Fred.\ Holidays TV. Now, Spanish cruise line Pullmantur is an operator we've talked a bit about in the past. Their all-inclusive style of cruising is perfect for families and newcomers to the cruising world and today we're going to show you inside one of their ships. So, we went up to quite a drizzly Liverpool a couple of weeks ago to give you a bit of an insight into Horizon. Let's have a look around.

Right, well I hope that gives you a bit more of an idea of what the Pullmantur ships look like and if you do want to book a cruise with them, you can go to, on the screen right there, or you can call our friendly team on the number just above. Thank you very much for watching today and we'll see you again next time for another Friday Thought from Fred.\. Goodbye.

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