Fred's Friday Thought: River Cruises Outside Of Europe (Video)

Aloha adventurers and welcome to another Friday Thought here on Fred.\ Holidays TV. Today we’re talking about river cruises again and going over some of the options that are available outside of Europe. Europe is a great place to start as there are endless itineraries available on famous and lesser-known waterways. However, for those who want to head further afield, there are plenty of other destinations that are best seen via the river.


After Europe, Asia is the most popular river cruise region with a number of different rivers on which to sail. You can choose to head to the Far East and explore China’s Yangtze River, take the Mekong through Vietnam and Cambodia or traverse Myanmar’s intriguing Irrawaddy. Slightly closer to home, there’s the option to discover the holiest river of them all, the Ganges, or enjoy India via the Brahmaputra instead.

All of these waterways offer an insight into the local way of life in this part of the world. Religion plays a key role and so there are some important and impressive buildings lining the banks along the way. As well as your eyes and ears, though, the vibrant food available will mean you are guided through your Asian river cruise by your sense of taste.


A journey into Africa offers the chance to combine a river cruise with a safari. As you sail through the Chobe National Park, you will be able to spot some of Africa’s fantastic wildlife. The reserve is famous for its large number of elephants, which can be seen frolicking in the river, as well as cheetahs, zebra and hippos. The land-based part of your tour could include trips to cities like Johannesburg or the spectacular Victoria Falls.

North America

A North America river cruise will give you the opportunity to travel in an authentic paddle steamer along waterways that are steeped in history. You can follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark down the Columbia, Snake and Ohio rivers or travel along the mother of all American rivers, the majestic Mississippi.

As well as giving you an insight into the culture of the Deep South and allowing you to venture into Mark Twain territory, Mississippi river cruises can offer a dash of festive spirit. Special sailings in December of this year and next will take you to Christmas markets in Greenville and at the Nottoway Plantation, whilst local carollers will get you in the Yuletide spirit.

South America

There is one river that dominates South America and that’s the Amazon. A cruise through the Brazilian rainforest involves taking a walk on the wild side and is sure to be an experience that you will never forget. Your knowledgeable guide will give you the best chance of spotting some of the exotic wildlife that lives here by taking you into the heart of the action during day and night. You will also get the chance to visit remote communities along the river and see the point where the waters of the Amazon and Rio Negro meet but refuse to mix.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of options if you want to venture outside of Europe on your river cruise. If you would like to book any of the choices we’ve mentioned, you can visit Fred River Cruises or simply call the number above and speak to a member of our friendly team. Thanks for watching today and we’ll see you again for another Friday Thought from Fred.\. Goodbye.

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