Fred's Friday Thought: Shore Excursions (Video)

Aloha adventurers and welcome to another ‘Friday Thought’ here on Fred Holidays TV. Today we are going to look at some things that are part of every cruise and which help enhance your holiday in a variety of different ways; shore excursions.

In every port that you visit, there will be the chance to get off the ship and explore your new surroundings, so here is everything you need to know about shore excursions.

Book In Advance

As you may have guessed, some activities are really popular and so spaces will fill up pretty quickly. Therefore, in order to avoid disappointment, it is best to book anything you know you want to do as early as possible. Depending on who you sail with and which grade of accommodation you choose, you will be able to book your shore excursions weeks in advance, so it’s best to find out exactly what this timescale is for you. Every operator is different, for example Disney Cruise Line allows you to reserve activities up to 120 days prior to your sail date, whilst Royal Caribbean will give you an average of six months to do this.

Shore Excursions Desk

Although it may be called something different on certain ships, the shore excursions desk is the place to go if you would rather book your activities once you are on board. The team there can help to explain anything you don’t understand and may be able to tell you a little more about what each excursion entails. If you choose to do this then you will not need to pay in advance; you can simply put the cost onto your onboard account. This is also where you need to go should you wish to cancel or change any pre-booked trips.

There Are Some Great Options

Some excursions may simply be walking tours of the city that you have just arrived in, but there will also be many exhilarating, exciting and once-in-a-lifetime activities to try. From climbing through waterfalls in the Caribbean to saving turtles in Mexico, from discovering temples in Asia to exploring glaciers in Alaska and from kayaking in the arctic to spotting crocodiles in the Amazon, there is a wealth of fantastic adventures just waiting for you to join in on.

You’ll Be First Off The Ship

If you are worrying about missing your activity or being late, due to the time it takes to get off the ship, there’s no need to let this hold you back. Guests that are booked onto shore excursions are usually given priority when disembarking so you can be off before everyone else. You can also have the peace of mind that, even if your excursion is delayed or overruns, the ship will wait for you before departing.

There’s Always The Option To Take Some Free Time

Although there are clearly some excellent options available, you can always choose to stage your own adventures in port. If there is something you want to do and it isn’t on the list or you just want some free time to yourself, grab a city map and explore at your own free will. On river cruises, there are often bicycles or walking sticks to aid your explorations. Sometimes the best way to discover a new destination is to wander through it, stumbling upon hidden gems as you go. Just be sure to be back at the ship in time for its departure.

So, that’s all we have time for this week. If you want to book a cruise with us, so that you can take advantage of the fantastic shore excursions available, please visit the URL on your screen or call the number just above. Thanks for watching today and we’ll see you again next time for another ‘Friday Thought’ from Fred.\. Goodbye.

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