Fred's Friday Thought: The Three Queens (Video)

Aloha adventurers and welcome to another ‘Friday Thought’ here on Fred.\ Holidays TV. Now, 2015 marks 175 years of Cunard, the cruise line that pioneered the journey from Southampton to New York, across the Atlantic Ocean. And to celebrate this, they’re holding a number of events throughout 2015. One of which was held recently on the south coast, where all three queens will be in the same place at the same time; a very rare occurrence.

So, we should be able to cross over to our live roaming reporter Chris, who is somewhere on the south coast right now. Chris, are you there?

Yes, hello, thank you, Chris, we’re here along the south coast, in Royal Victoria Park to be exact; a fitting venue considering the weekend. Earlier today, Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria all docked at the UK’s busiest cruise terminal in Southampton, and later on today they will exiting in procession along Southampton Water, into the Solent and off on their respective itineraries. They will be passing places such as Calshot, Cowes, Ryde and Lee On Solent and we’re hoping catch them here as they come past. But it’s a long time before that actually happens, so while we’re waiting, we’re going to try and find some cruise enthusiasts and see what they have got to say about being here today to celebrate 175 years of Cunard.

Colin and Carol: “We've seen, from out of our caravan window, big liners going past yesterday and the day before so when we heard that the Three Queens would be going past, we thought that’s rather something special. So we had lunch out today as it was a friend’s birthday and came back for a 4 o’clock quick cup of tea and dashed down here to see the fabulous three go out.

Muriel and June: “We came down to see the Three Queens go out. And we were also on Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth at one time.”

Chris: “When was that? Was that during a cruise or just for the day?”

Muriel and June: “During a cruise. We went to the Baltic and also to Iceland and Norway.”

Colin and Carol: “We have been on a couple of cruises, but my wife doesn’t have sea legs. She’s a bit like her father, who was in the navy and a bit like Nelson. The first couple of weeks were pretty grim and Carol’s ruined a couple of nice, expensive holidays being in bed with seasickness. But I’ve got sea legs; I do a bit of sailing.”

Muriel: “Well a lot of people think that there are so many people on there, but you never see anyone, except for dinner, breakfast and lunch. The rest of the time, you walk to your cabin and you don’t see anyone in the halls at all.”

June: “People think it’s crowded everywhere and it isn’t. They are very big ships.”

Muriel: “And they entertain you, I mean you can do all sorts of things on the ships. There’s always something going on.”

June: “The benefit of a cruise ship is that you can go to places that you wouldn't necessary feel comfortable doing on your own, you can go off for the day, see the place, visit everything, it’s all organised, there’s no risk and you just get back on the ship.

The ships have gone have they?”

Chris: “And there they go, off on their various itineraries. Well, it’s been a long and often cold day here in Southampton, but it was worth it in the end. Now it’s time to go back to Chris in the studio.”

Thanks, Chris. Thanks for that very interesting report live from the south coast. That’s everything we have for you this week. If you would like to book a cruise with Cunard, you can do through, so check out all the deals we have for you there. And we’ll see you again next time for another ‘Friday Thought’ from Fred.\. Goodbye.

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