Fred's Friday Thought: Winter Brochure (Video)

Aloha adventurers and welcome to another Friday Thought here on Fred.\ Holidays TV. Now, as you can see, today I'm not here on my own. You may recognise Aisleen Marley who was in the video we did early in the year about the summer brochure. Today, as we're launching the new Christmas markets and winter breaks brochure, she's here again to tell us all about it.

Chris: So what can you tell us about it Aisleen?

Aisleen: Well, the winter brochure is here, hot off the press. It's our winter breaks and Christmas markets brochure and what we've done this time round is handpicked a selection of destinations in Germany and central Europe that are our picks of the best places to go in Europe this winter. And we've updated it; we've got some new logos so you'll be seeing more of them popping up on the various things we're about to do in the upcoming week's and months. We've also updated it with a calendar, so some of the markets that aren't featured in the main pages are listed here with all their dates. So if there is anywhere else that you are interested in going then just look them up and give us a call.

But I guess one of the main differences that we've introduced for this year if our four step guide at the front of the brochure. This basically gives you a really handy way to decide how you want to go about your holiday. So, step one would be 'how would you prefer to travel?'. We've got options for flying, for rail, you can get the ferry and hire a car, it's completely up to you. Number two is 'where would you like to go?' We've given you ideas here but it's not all of the places you can visit for winter or all of the Christmas markets but, again, you decide where it is you want to go and we'll have a look at the options.

Step three, you can decide how long you want to stay for. We've included two nights, three nights, or four or five night stays in some of the destinations, but it's completely up to you how long you would like to go for. And once you've had a think about all of that, just give us a call and we'll personalise a holiday exactly the way you want it.

Chris: So, as well as people piecing together their own holiday in this four-step method, there are some packages in there as well that they can choose from if they like? 

Aisleen: There are. Basically, what we've done for each destination is put together our suggested breaks. It's purely a suggestion and we've designed it based on how we think you'll get the most out of a destination. So, we have, for example, a two-night stay in Berlin and we've included a Berlin Welcome Card in that as well. That gives you discounts for various attractions in the city and public transport, so you can really make the most of your time there. These are just our suggestions. If you want to do something slightly different you can just let us know. 

Chris: So what's included in these packages, these examples that we've given?

Aisleen: Most of our packages include your flights and your transfers, accommodation in a centrally located hotel, and breakfast. Some of the destinations that are really easy to access from the airport by tram, train or bus we've not included transfers but, again, if you wanted that and you wanted travel with the peace of mind that everything's all been booked and arranged beforehand, then we can easily add them in. 

Chris: We've talked a lot about Christmas markets, in particular the German ones, so what else is there in the brochure?

Aisleen: Well, as you say, the Christmas markets are the core of the product that we have in here and Germany as well because we are the German specialists. But there's lots and lots to do throughout Europe; not just Christmas markets. There are lots of destinations that are beautiful in winter, such as Paris and Rome and we've got some really nice Scandinavian places as well. Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm are all nice in winter. We just wanted to mix it up a little bit.

Chris: Wonderful. So there are plenty of options. One of the ones that really caught my eye when I was looking through is this dog-sledding in the Arctic. What can you tell us about that? 

Aisleen: That's a really exciting entry to this brochure, it's something a little bit different. For people who are looking for a winter escape that isn't just a city break, this involves five days dog-sledding around Sweden. It's very vast, very beautiful; a true wilderness experience if you like. The whole trip is seven days long and five days of that is what they call the mushing. So you'll have an expert guide who will take you around all of the local villages and you get to stay in traditional wilderness accommodation including a Sami tent for one of the nights. These are on sale for next year. We've got two departures in February and one in March.

Chris: All that remains to ask is how we can get hold of a copy of one of these? 

Aisleen: Well, it's on our website so you can go to and request a hard copy if you like. We've also got it online on the website, so you can look through the whole brochure from your computer if you can't wait to get your hands on a copy.

Chris: So I hope that gives you a bit of an insight into our new Christmas markets and winter breaks brochure. Thanks a lot to Aisleen for being here today. Thanks a lot to you for watching and we'll see you again next time for another Friday Thought from Fred.\. Goodbye. 

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