Travel Frustrations Summed Up In 12 GIFs

Travelling is one of the best experiences anyone can enjoy. Whether you get to do it frequently, infrequently or once in a blue moon; exploring faraway lands or unfamiliar parts of our own country is what makes life exciting. However, there are undoubtedly some frustrations that come with going away on holiday. Well, we can't have it all our own way can we? Here are many of those irritations represented in GIF form.

Searching For The Best Deal

With so many different sites, comparison tools and resources, all of which claim that they can offer the best price going, it’s hard to know where to start. You either end up jumping from webpage to webpage without actually getting anywhere or frozen in sheer panic.


Why does packing always have to get in the way of enjoying your holiday? They always make suitcases just slightly too small and it never…NEVER…happens like above.

Airport Queues

In order to enjoy some time away we first have to endure the tasks that the airport throws at us. It seems as though airlines ask us to turn up in advance just so we can wait in line for longer. And then there’s always the fact that the queue you’re in is the one moving the slowest.

Waiting At Baggage Reclaim

Is there anything more frustrating than arriving in your destination ready to get the holiday started only to realise that you have to wait another 2 hours for your luggage. Your bag is always the last one out and everybody knows you would rather be riding the carousel than waiting beside it.

The Hotel Drop-Off

There’s always that moment during your transfer from the airport where you hold your breath and hope that the hotel you have stopped outside of isn’t yours. Somehow it always seems that it is…and it’s not what you were expecting. Or worse still - they’re still building it.

Pool Etiquette

There’s always that one person who has to make an entrance every time they get into the pool; soaking you and your book in the process. Caaaaaannnnnnnnooooonnnnnbbbbbaaaaaallllll!!!

Photo Opportunities

Ever tried taking a photo in an area of heavy foot traffic? It’s almost impossible with people constantly walking through your shot and only realising as they pass between you and the person taking picture. Then there are the people vying to get that iconic photo. We all want to create wonderful travel memories but the ‘holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa’ and the ‘squashing the Eiffel Tower’ tricks have been done to death.

Companies Cashing In On Tourists

Restaurants and shops in the main tourist areas know that they can get away with charging a little extra for their products as people will still pay the prices. That doesn't stop you getting a bit of a shock when you get the bill, though.

The Crowds

The trouble with visiting the most amazing sites and attractions in the world is that everybody else wants to as well. And you can guarantee that the day you decide to visit so will the rest of the world.

Home Time 

There are few things more depressing than waking up on your last day in paradise and realising that it’s time to go home. Remember, though, if you never went home you could never go on holiday again.

The First Day Back At Work

Nothing brings you back to reality with a bump than the sight of your inbox on your return to work. You spend your first day back sifting through messages to find the important ones, fielding the same questions about your trip over and over again, and trying to catch up on everything you missed whilst you were away.

Realising You Need Another Holiday

It’s not long before things get on top of you again and you realise you need another holiday.

Fred.\ Holidays can help you avoid some of these frustrations. We can do the hard work for you by finding the right deal, give you the peace of mind that your hotel won’t be misrepresented, and even tell you the best time to go to avoid the crowds. You’re on your own with the packing though. Sorry.

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