What Do The Next 100 Years Hold For Travellers?

Last week we looked at how the latest technology may influence travel in the future, and now Lonely Planet has looked further ahead into their crystal ball to give us an insight into what the most common travel trends may involve over the next one hundred years. In the century since the first commercial flight took place we have seen the inventions of the jet engine, helicopters, hovercraft, liquid fuelled rockets, and many more things outside of the travel industry; but what do the next one hundred years have in store?

Travel magazine, Lonely Planet, have cast their thoughts into the future and come up with a number of popular shifts that may occur in the coming years. These include:

Internet-free Retreats

No Phones

When most of us travel to a foreign hotel, or even one in this country, one of the important things we might look for is internet access. Heaven forbid we get to our destination and there is no way of keeping up with those important emails or posting those holiday pictures to Facebook the moment they are taken. However, as personal technology starts to take over our lives more and more, there will be a niche market for resorts that offer no means of communication. These internet-free retreats will be a way of totally escaping our day to day lives and recharging our own batteries for once.

That's not to say that technology won't be used at all during a holiday. Lonely Planet predicts that not only will we increase our use of services such as Google Street View to see exactly what the hotel we are booking is like; we will also do away with paper all together in favour of a completely smartphone based check-in.

Super Airports


As our demand for travel increases, airports seem set to become more than just a place in which we wait for our holiday to begin. The increase of art galleries, spas, cinemas and other entertainment facilities will mean that we start our trip from the moment we arrive at the terminal and even look forward to the time we spend there.

Cheaper and Faster Flights

Low Cost Airlines

With increased competition for airlines, air travel is sure to get faster and cheaper. We will soon be zipping all over the world in a much quicker time frame; opening up even more destinations to all travellers and giving us the opportunity to travel more often.

But with a rise in budget airlines, it will no longer be enough for companies to simply offer cheap fares. The experience for the average economy flyer will therefore be improved as airlines bid to win people over to their particular brand. This could see an improvement in facilities and comfort on even the cheapest of flights.

Travel As A Life Choice

Couple Holding Luggage

Nowadays, the majority of people see a holiday as an annual chance to escape everyday life and experience something new. However, with cheaper and faster flights available in the future, people will begin to see travel as a regular experience and even a way of life. What was once an infrequent thrill will become the norm and something that everybody does multiple times during the year.

The Rise Of The Local Recommendation

World Map

Websites such as TripAdvisor provide great insight into certain destinations and activities for today's traveller, but these could become usurped by something more reliable in the future. Travellers will look to receive knowledge direct from the locals in a bid to discover the best hotels and attractions. This could mean asking residents once you arrive at your destination or even speaking to them directly before you travel in order to create the perfect holiday experience.

Back in the here and now, Fred.\ Holidays can offer you the chance to enjoy a variety of different travel experiences. From river cruises to city breaks, our team can answer all of your questions and find you the best deal out there.

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