Why Travel Agents Still Have A Key Role To Play

In the modern era, where the internet has revolutionised the way we do things to the point that it is now the first place we go for activities such as shopping, news, entertainment and general information, you can almost be forgiven for wondering if the humble travel agent still has a role to play when it comes to booking a holiday.

However, even though we have seen a considerable proliferation in comparison sites such as Kayak, Trivago and Skyscanner and review platforms like TripAdvisor, Gogobot and HolidayWatchdog.com; there is still a calling for a familiar friend like your local travel agent. Whether they come in the form of high-street stalwarts that remain standing proudly in our shopping centres, or new generation online agents who have teams of helpful professionals waiting at the end of a phone; there are plenty of reasons why travel agents still offer a great service.

They Will Always Be The Experts


You may know where you want to go, how you want to get there and how much you would like to spend, but a travel agent will always have a wealth of knowledge that you don't. They can tell you the best places around your chosen destination, give you real-world insight into the area and often speak straight from personal experience. There's also the fact that there are particular agents who focus on a specific area of the market. If you are looking for a river cruise, for example, there will be travel agents who focus just on this and so they will know this niche inside and out.

Time Is Of The Essence


We all lead busy lives in the 21st century and even though an influx of travel planning sites should have made things quicker and easier for us, this has become part of the problem. There are now so many resources of this kind that we often don't know where to start, and when faced with too many choices we tend to make no choice at all.

A travel agent remains a one-stop shop, literally in most cases, where you can arrange everything that is needed to create the perfect holiday. And the best part is that the majority of the work is taken out of your hands and into those of someone who knows exactly the right steps to take.

There's No Substitute For A Personal Touch

Travel Agent

A comparison website will be able to give you a list of all the hotels in your chosen destination that are under a set budget, but it won't be able to bow to your more personal requests. It cannot tell you whether the staff at the resort speak good English or whether breakfast offers both hot and cold options, or even if there is a local shuttle bus that takes you to the main attractions. All of this can only be gleaned from speaking to someone in person.

A travel agent will be able to take all your personal requests on board to create a more tailor-made holiday experience. If you use them quite regularly they may even begin to suggest things before you've even enquired about them. Even in this day and age, there is still no substitute for that personal touch that makes us all feel special.

The Worst Can Still Happen

Lost Luggage

Despite all the technological advances in the travel industry, there is still no sure-fire way to ensure that nothing will go wrong. No one has yet found a way of making sure no flight ever gets delayed, no piece of luggage ever goes missing, and no one ever gets ill whilst on holiday, and so when things do go wrong you'll want to know there is something you can do about it.

Booking through a travel agent gives you the peace of mind that you are covered by schemes such as ABTA and ATOL that will help if things do go wrong. You will also have a knowledgeable company to fight your corner, as well as someone who will always push you in the direction of travel insurance when you may have forgotten or overlooked it had you booked everything yourself.

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