Travel Specialists

Meet our team of travel specialists. These are the people waiting at the end of the phone to help you find your perfect adventure. No question is too big or too small for them and you never have to worry about whether your query is too trivial. They're more than happy to help. Get to know them by reading the profiles below or call them up for a chat.

Simon Chambers
Operations Manager
Meet Simon
Lawrence Peachey
UK Sales Manager
Meet Lawrence
Janet Alexander
Fred.\ Holidays Team Leader
Meet Janet
Alison Green
Travel Specialist
Meet Alison
Jeanette Coppin
Travel Specialist
Meet Jeanette
Kathy Batchford
Travel Specialist
Meet Kathy
Kevin Johnson
Travel Specialist
Meet Kevin
Lucy Newman
Travel Specialist
Meet Lucy
Michelle Cullum
Travel Specialist
Meet Michelle
Nicola Youngs
Travel Specialist
Meet Nicola
Dave Chidley
Agency Sales Manager
Meet Dave
Natalie O'Mahoney
Head of Sales
Meet Natalie
Hannah Logan
Product Manager
Meet Hannah
Rachel Emerson
Sales and Reservations Manager - Specialist in River Cruising
Meet Rachel
Emma Moore
Sales Executive
Meet Emma
Sally Collicott
Senior River Cruise Specialist
Meet Sally
Georgina Bryant
River Cruise Specialist
Meet Georgina
Rayleigh Romero
Administration Assistant
Meet Rayleigh
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