Jeanette Coppin

In what year did you start working for Fred.\ Holidays?

I was one of the first people to start working for Fred.\ Holidays, alongside Lawrence, in 2013. But my background of working in travel stretches back to 1987, when I was travel agency-based.

What is your particular area of expertise?

I know a lot about Germany city breaks and the options available.

Which countries have you visited?

There are so many places I’ve been lucky enough to visit over the years. Within Europe, I’ve been to the islands of Majorca, Ibiza, Rhodes and the Canary Islands; as well as Portugal, Barcelona, many of the Baltic nations and Dublin. Further afield, I’ve been to Caribbean destinations including Cuba, Antigua, Mexico (Cancun) and the Dominican Republic.

What would be your dream holiday destination?

There a couple of combination breaks that I would love to do. One of which would involve travelling around the Far East before going to Australia and New Zealand; whilst my other dream holiday would incorporate USA, Canada and the Caribbean.

Describe your favourite cruising experience

I haven’t been on many cruises, but I’ve been on short cruises around the Canary Islands and to Amsterdam with Air Tours and Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines respectively. Both ships were really lovely, with good food and friendly staff. I’d recommend taster cruises for first-time cruisers.

Describe your favourite Christmas market experience

Cologne was very good as it seemed to have a very British feel to it. There are generally between 6-8 markets to explore and Cologne is also a good base for exploring markets in nearby cities including Dusseldorf and Bonn. I’d quite like to go to the Frankfurt market as well, though, and I hear Nuremberg offers a very traditional market experience.

Describe your favourite summer land-based holiday

Antigua was really lovely and is definitely the best destination I’ve been to for relaxation and soaking up the sun. If you’re looking for something a little closer to home, I would also recommend the Canary Islands – particularly Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

What would you recommend for families?

The Black Forest area of Germany is really special and has a lot to offer to tourists. There are great walking opportunities and the small town of Triberg is renowned for decadent Black Forest gateau and the world’s largest cuckoo clock.

What would you recommend for couples?

Paris, Rome and Venice are ideal destinations for couples, but there are so many fantastic options available really. City breaks are perfect as they offer so much for couples to do, whilst European and Caribbean beaches are ideal for a spot of relaxation. I can’t leave the Italian lakes out either, they are really beautiful.

What makes Fred.\ Holidays different to other tour operators?

People are always coming to us to ask if we can piece together particular packages or holidays. We’re able to put together packages that incorporate various cities such as Prague, Budapest and Krakow; or Switzerland and Italy with rail connections. I hardly ever find myself looking through a brochure, as most of the time the customers want something that’s more personal to them. That’s what makes us unique.



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